ACE - Luminaire Intelligence

ACE is a new online service from Lighting Reality, the developers of Lighting Reality PRO, the widely-used exterior lighting design application. ACE allows the rapid performance analysis of street lighting luminaires against a wide range of International lighting standards, across many hundred, thousand, or even millions of different configuration scenarios.

ACE - Benefits

ACE can provide substantial business benefits to the product design, sales, tendering, marketing and street lighting design functions in your organization. ACE provides easy access to the performance data of street lighting luminaires, taking the guesswork out of selecting the optimal product for a particular street lighting scenario, so your sales and tendering engineers are working with the knowledge that they have selected the best product.

When designing new products, the development and marketing functions within your organization are able to do comparative analysis of how a product performs under different Lighting Standards, to many different street lighting scenarios. Many hundreds or thousands of calculations can be quickly performed aiding the rapid refinement of new product design, and the comparative analysis of your and your competitors’ products.

Lighting Standards

ACE supports the following lighting standards:

  • EN13201 (2015) M, C and P classes
  • EN13201 (2003) ME, CE and S classes
  • CIE115 M, C and P classes
  • BS5489 P classes
  • IES RP08 (2000)
  • IES RP08 (2014)

Street Lighting Scenarios

ACE allows users to rapidly define many different street lighting scenarios, which may vary the mounting characteristics of the luminaire, or the road configuration or type. Typical parameters that can be defined include:

  • Lighting standard sub-class
  • Road configuration - dual-carriageway or hard shoulder characteristics
  • Road surface
  • Number of lanes, lane or road width
  • Mounting height, tilt and outreach
  • Maintenance factor

Uploading your production, development, prototype or competitor photometric data files allows each scenario to be tested against each set of photometric data.

Cloud Computing

ACE is a service that is accessible through a web browser. It does not require any particular investment in computing hardware, or software installation by the user. All ACE calculations are performed on Virtual Machines running in the Cloud, which allows the available compute power to be rapidly scaled up and down to meet demand.