Photometry Manager


In order to calculate performance data for street lighting luminaires, a photometric data file is required for each luminaire to be analysed. The ACE System has a photometric file database, which forms a library of photometric data files. ACE customers have their own secure photometric file library and this data is.only available to users authorised by the individual customer.

The ACE Photometry Manager provides the user-interface to manage the photometric file library.

File Uploading

The ACE Photometry Manager has a fast multi-threaded file uploader which allows large numbers of photometric data files to be quickly and easily uploaded to populate the library. The uploader supports Drag/Drop when used in Microsoft Windows, and dynamic progress indicators for all files being uploaded.

Once the files have been uploaded, they are then submitted to a validation process to ensure the file is a valid photometric file, and to extract the photometric file meta data, such as catalog name, flux, wattage and SP Ratio.

File Types

The Photometry Manager supports all file types commonly used to distribute photometric data, including IES, EULUMDAT, TM14 and INR formats.

File Tagging

Keeping track of large numbers of photometric files can be difficult, particularly when file and product names can be a collection of letters and numbers.

The file tagging system allows user-defined tags to be created which will help locate products when using ACE. The tags can be grouped under parent tag categories. Typical tags could be source, colour, temperature, body size, body shape, source type, product name, manufacturer, application etc.

Polar / Cartesian Plots

During the photometric file validation process, Polar and Cartesian plots are generated, which are available within ACE for on-screen display.

Data Edit

The ACE Photometry Manager extracts both the photometric data and the product’s meta data, such as Flux, Dimensions, SP Ratio. Whilst the meta data is not required for the calculations performed by ACE, it could be invaluable when using ACE as a product selector/catalog,

Export / Import

The Photometry Manager includes the facility to export all photometry meta data to an Excel file (this does not include the actual photometric data). The data can optionally be edited and imported back into the photometry manager. This allows missing or invalid data, such as SP Ratio, dimensions, wattage etc to be rapidly edited, using the comprehensive sorting/filtering capabilities of Excel.

Custom Fields

It is possible to define custom, or user defined, fields which are not part of the Photometric data file, such as Manufacturer ERP references, UMS Charge Codes, product availability/obsolescence dates. These can be updated through the Export/Import facility.