Sales App


The ACE Sales App is designed to allow client-facing sales personnel to have instant access to the data stored in ACE. This allows all a customer’s requirements to be quickly and easily matched to the best luminaire in the company’s product catalog.

Mobile platforms

The ACE Sales App has been designed to run on mobile devices such as tablets and large format smartphones.

Enter Customer's Requirements

Entering a few mandatory details, such as lighting standard and class, road width, maintenance factor and luminaire arrangement into the Sales App will allow the ACE database to be queried for the best products that meet the defined standard, sorted by best spacing, lowest energy consumption or flux.

The results can be further refined by adding other parameters, such as luminaire mounting height, overhang and tilt, if these are predefined.


The results can be emailed direct to the customer, or to the internal sales department to generate a quote. The system can also create Lighting Reality project file so that the selected solution can be opened directly in Lighting Reality, or provide a summary print report of the selected calculated solution.

Empower your Sales Force

With extensive product ranges, and rapidly changing luminaire performance due to changes in chipsets or lenses, the Sales App allows the sales person to always have the best solution at their fingertips. This will reduce the need for a highly technically competent sales force, and will additionally benefit companies that use a sales agency model.