ACE - Overview

Which of your current street lighting luminaires will achieve the requirements of the EN13201-2015 M2 class lighting standard when mounted 8m above the road surface, with a 5 degree tilt, 2m overhang and 35m column spacing?

Do you know the answer without over-specifying the luminaire? In today’s competitive marketplace, which product in your catalogue gives the most energy-efficient solution, and which gives the lowest cost of ownership? How does this change if we change the road configuration, standard class, column height and spacing? How do hundreds of products perform in thousands of different scenarios?

ACE is a luminaire intelligence solution that can provide all of these answers for not only your current product range, but also new products in development and competitive products.

Using the data contained in your luminaires photometric data files, ACE will calculate the performance of your products in each different road configuration that you define, and then store the results for instant access by your sales, tendering and product development teams. ACE calculates the results automatically, using the massive scalability of cloud computing, rather than manually running each scenario through an existing lighting design application one configuration at a time. This allows ACE to achieve a level of coverage of different configurations that just isn't practical for manually-generated data sets.


ACE is a multi-user web-based service which, through its modular architecture, allows different types of users to share and access data. The ACE Modules can be divided into three groups: data input/definition, calculation and data storage, data extract & query. Users within a company are assigned roles which permit, or deny, access to modules, and define the level of functionality available within a module. Data can also be tagged, so development data can be restricted to development engineers etc.

ACE consists of the following modules:

  • Photometry Manager - allows the import, management and tagging of photometric data
  • Scenario Generator - allows the definition of road configurations to be tested
  • ACE Engine - the calculation engine that runs on Cloud-based servers and which uses the data defined through the Photometry Manager and Scenario Generator to calculate the luminaire performance data
  • Exporter - Simple, or advanced, query of the performance data and export to Excel
  • Sales App - Simple tablet/phone app to allow quick access to the performance data for a specific road configuration (e.g. what is the most energy-efficient product you have for a specific road configuration?)
  • Technical Evaluator - View and compare performance data graphically (available Q4 2016)

ACE is a web-based application framework, which runs on a wide range of PCs, MACs, tablets and smartphones.